Thursday Tunes: Zach Williams

In addition to books, I find so much hope in music. Songs tell stories that we need to hear and they have the capability to reach so many people. Jamie Tworkowski of  To Write Love On Her Arms once said “Songs are brave things, bold enough to sing when all they know is darkness.”  I think that is so beautiful and so true. We find power in music, in songs that make us feel heard and recognized and not alone.  Each Thursday, I’ll post about a song or album or artist that I love and think you might as well.

This week, I’d like to tell you about a man named Zach Williams. The other day, as I was scanning the radio for something to listen to other than ads or static, I landed on a semi-local Christian radio station. I don’t typically listen to Christian radio stations, or a lot of Christian music in general. I landed on “Old Church Choir” by Zach Williams and it was so fun and so powerful at the same time that I couldn’t help but look Williams up when I got home. “Old Church Choir” is the single off of Zach’s debut album, Chainbreaker. It is infectious and so encouraging but vulnerable at the same time, exactly like the entirety of the album. If you are a fan of David Crowder or old gospel music, I think you will love this as much as I do. It’s gospel music with a little bit of edge and a whole lot of honesty.


Every song on the album is powerful, with the title track reflecting William’s own story. William’s lyrics are full of lines that I want to write on post-it notes and place all over my house so I can remember them when I need a little extra Jesus. My absolute favorite track on the album is “Fear Is a Liar.” I’ve been listening to it several times a day, unintentionally.

If you’e got a few extra minutes, especially if you need a little extra encouragement today, I have a suggestion. Find a quiet place and some head phones. Plug those head phones in and close your eyes while you listen to this song and let the truth wash over you.


Cast your fears in the fire, my friends. He is a liar.

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